Thank you to Andy in Indiana

for choosing Meadow Valley for a family pavilion,

using our 5x8 timbers and 2x6 decking!

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“Thanks for your help! This has been an ongoing learning experience for me, and you were by far the most helpful person I have dealt with! Really appreciated!”

Matt P


“I am so thankful to have come across your company as the siding we purchased from you matches perfectly with the existing logs and the quality of your product was flawless. Thank you for your help!!!”

Jack H


“Thanks again for your efforts. It is not normal for that kind of detail from a sales person and your company should appreciate the image you are providing for the company. In short, referrals come from satisfied customers and that’s what sets you apart from the norm and adds to the bottom line. Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated!”

Bob C


“My wife and I have been working on this for ten years. We bought our 10 acres 8 years ago, and  through lots of planning, and saving, got to this point. I am very happy that we chose your company to supply the logs for our new home. I hope your employers know how well and promptly you treat your customers. People and companies like you and yours take the stress out of building and add enjoyment to a life long dream. Thank you”

Glenn V


“The cabin came out awesome. We stained all the siding prior to putting it up… I will be contacting you soon as I am ready to do the basement with the 1 X 8 T & G. Thank you so much and as always you have been very helpful.”

David P

New York

“The log siding looks great! The quality of the product was really impressive. Thank you for your help with figuring out how many I needed for my project. My wife just loves the look. Thanks again.”

Tony Z


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